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At the upcoming edition of JBCN Oshiwara MUN, we present to you our theme; World 2024: War of Ideologies. This theme coherently represents the constant state of flux our world is in, where the ideological battleground is shaped by the rising tensions between democratic values and authoritarian regimes. The outcomes of this war of ideologies will define the trajectory of global cooperation, the resilience of democratic institutions, and the pursuit of social justice in an increasingly interconnected yet divided world of 2024. 

Here at JBCN Oshiwara MUN, we invite delegates to take on the indispensable role of world leaders and diplomats. As representatives of diverse nations, delegates will be tasked with navigating this complex ideological landscape, forging consensus, and crafting resolutions that address the multifaceted challenges of our time. Through rigorous debate, negotiation, and diplomacy, delegates will embody the principles of international cooperation and dialogue.  Their ability to understand and reconcile differing perspectives is crucial in steering the global community towards peaceful and sustainable solutions. Our aim for this conference is setting the stage for a more peaceful and prosperous world.


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